AS15547 - SA - Peering policy

About SA

Founded in 2004, SA is a Swiss company based in Sierre. It's purpose is to provide DOCSIS and FTTH networks with high quality products and solutions.

AS numbers SA operates using the autonomous system AS15547

Some of our partners operate their own AS number. See AS15547:AS-NETPLUS for an up-to-date list of AS numbers you may encounter in our paths.

Peering policy

We have a selective peering policy based on the amount of traffic exchanged between your network and ours. We only establish direct sessions with peers that represent a non-negligible amount of exchanged traffic, based on our monitoring tools.

For smaller networks, we have sessions on all route-servers of all exchange points where we are present.

Peering information

ASN AS15547
Macro AS15547:AS-NETPLUS
Suggested Prefix Limit 50

Contact information

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